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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

The winter season is a challenging time for driving. With days getting shorter and weather getting hasher, motorists need to make sure their vehicles are in appropriate condition. Low temperatures along with road salt and grime on the road make vehicles more susceptible to breakdowns. Hence, it is advisable to get a winter check at the start of the colder months to avoid any issues.

At Reading Tyres, we offer car winter check Reading, where our experts take a look at various problem areas to ensure your vehicle performs reliably. Moreover, our facility has all the advanced tools and equipment to perform high-quality repairs in case something is wrong with your car.

Drop by our facility at Unit 1, 81 Russell Street, Reading, RG1 7XG, to get your vehicle checked.

What is included in our winter car check?

Car battery

The cold weather results in additional power drain from batteries as engines take time to start and heaters give out more power. Hence, our experts always conduct a battery test to check the remaining battery life and suggest a replacement, if required.

Checking antifreeze

During our car winter check Reading we also inspect and top up the antifreeze in the radiator.

Tyre inspection

We will check the tread depth and condition of the tyres to make sure they are safe and reliable for driving. We will also adjust the tyre pressure to correct levels as per the vehicle manufacturer's set limit.

Lights assessment

With longer nights and bad weather conditions, you will find yourself using the front and rear lights more often. We will check all the lights to see if they are operating perfectly.

Windscreen wipers and washer fluid

Your vehicle needs perfectly operational wipers to provide you visibility during heavy rain and snowfall. Hence, our vehicle winte check Reading involves inspecting the windscreen wipers and topping up the wiper fluid as required.

Oil check

We will also check the engine oil levels and replenish them if necessary. Our experts may also change the oil per the requirement to prevent major engine problems.

We may carry out additional checks depending on the car model, age and driving requirements.

Need a winter check for your car?

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