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Are you looking for Wheel Straightening for your vehicle?

Alloy wheels are getting increasingly popular among car owners due to their aesthetic appeal and styling options. However, they are prone to damages from hitting kerbs, going over speed bumps or driving through deep potholes at higher speeds, poor road conditions, etc. Buckled alloy wheels compromise not only optimal car handling but also affect other car components like suspension, wheel alignment, etc., in the long run.

Reading Tyres is a reliable car workshop offering top-quality wheel straightening Reading. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in wheel straightening services. Further, we use the latest methods to straighten alloy wheel damages and ensure a classy finish.

How to identify alloy wheel damages?

Some damages are clearly visible from outside, but in several cases, buckles on alloy wheels may not be so easily detectable. Therefore, it is essential to be on the lookout for signs of alloy wheel damages.

Some common symptoms include:

  • Frequent tyre pressure loss
  • Compromised braking ability
  • Decrease in steering response
  • A juddering steering wheel
  • Diminished car handling experience

Experts recommend opting for an alloy wheel check at the earliest if car owners notice the above symptoms. At Reading Tyres, our technicians will inspect your car’s wheels thoroughly using the latest equipment to identify underlying damages. Subsequently, we will commence the process of alloy wheel straightening in Reading.

An overview of our wheel straightening procedure

At first, our experts dismount the wheel from your vehicle and remove the tyre to identify existing damages.

Then, they will use a dial gauge to measure the wheel shape and ascertain the extent of the distortion.

Moving on with our alloy wheel straightening Reading, technicians will then first weld visible cracks, if any.

They will then proceed to apply heat on the buckle to soften the metal for reshaping.

We will then use an advanced hydraulic press machine to exert optimum pressure on the alloy to prevent further cracks.

And finally, we will apply a powder coating and conduct a refurbishing procedure to ensure accurate colour matches and deliver a smooth factory finish.

Lastly, we will fit the tyres back and re-mount the wheels onto your vehicle, accurately inflate, so you are good to go.

Benefits of wheel straightening

  • Restores car handling and control
  • A pocket-friendly alternative to purchasing new alloy wheels
  • Prevents damage to suspension and other car parts

Why choose us?

  • We maintain a fair pricing policy with no hidden costs.
  • Alloy wheel straightening Reading at Reading Tyres is available at market-best rates.
  • We provide our in-house experts with regular training sessions to update them on the latest innovations.
  • Customers can reach out to our friendly experts for assistance by calling us on 01183751591.

So, end your search for an alloy “wheel straightening garage near me” with Reading Tyres. We are located at Unit 1, 81 Russell Street, Reading, RG1 7XG.

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