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RoadX is a subsidiary of Sailun, a tyre manufacturing company based in China. Although established in 2019, the company is rapidly rising in popularity due to the performance reliability and service life of the tyres. RoadX achieves this by inculcating the latest innovations in its tyres.

Reading Tyres is a one-stop destination for RoadX car tyres Reading. All RoadX tyres at our tyre shop adhere to the legal mandates for roadworthiness and offer dependable on-road performance.

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RoadX tyre variants


These tyres are manufactured from an all-adaptive rubber-silicon compound that offers optimal car control and grip throughout the year in moderate temperatures on both dry and wet tracks. Thus, these are ideal for people looking to reduce seasonal tyre fitting expenses.


Winter tyres from RoadX come with a softer rubber compound along with dense sipes and a deep tread design. These help the tyres to offer uncompromised traction and steering control on snow-laden roads.


RoadX summer variants are built with a harder rubber compound coupled with a shallow tread depth. These tyres, as a result, undergo reduced wear and tear and are able to offer reliable car control and braking performance on both dry and wet surfaces.


These are specifically manufactured for high-octane enthusiasts. These tyres are customised with a premium rubber material that possesses exemplary overheating resistance, reducing blowout risks considerably. A rigid centre rib ensures enhanced steering precision and manoeuvrability even at high speeds.

Besides, we also house the following tyre variants from RoadX;

  • Run-flat tyres
  • 4x4 tyres

Best-selling RoadX tyre models


Further, we also stock a wide range of car tyres Reading from globally reputed brands in every price segment – premium, mid-range and budget.

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