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Churchill Tyres

Churchill is a China-based car tyre manufacturer, providing top-grade tyres at affordable prices. The tyres are technologically advanced to offer reliable on-road performance coupled with durability. Churchill tyres are also rising in popularity due to their widespread availability in the UK.

Reading Tyres is a one-stop destination to buy Churchill car tyres Reading. We shelve tyres across all available variants of Churchill tyres for every car make and model to cater to a broader customer base.

Further, if you are in a dilemma, our experts can also extend assistance for selecting ideal car tyres based on your driving habits and requirements.

Reading Tyres is online! Now you can purchase Churchill tyres Reading through our website conveniently from the comfort of your location. Please type your car registration or tyre index details into our tyre finder tool to find all available options. You can then finalise your order accordingly.

Types of Churchill tyres we sell


This is a popular summer tyre from Churchill. It features a shallower tread depth and a harder rubber compound. These enable improved braking performance on both dry and wet surfaces, besides extending the service life.


RCB008 is a top-notch performance tyre offering enhanced car control and manoeuvrability even at high speeds. This variant is specifically manufactured for supercars and high-performance cars. Made from premium rubber compounds, these tyres possess excellent heat distribution ability, thereby drastically reducing blowout risks.


One of the best-selling variants for people looking to buy 4x4 Churchill tyres Reading; the GRB008 comes with wide shoulder blocks and a robust tyre carcass. These help the tyres to provide uncompromised load-bearing ability and grip on rugged terrains.

RCB007 Run flat

This is a top preference among car owners prioritising driving safety against punctures and blowouts. The RCB007 Runflat comes with added rubber layers, helping it offer optimal on-road performance despite punctures or blowouts at speeds not exceeding 50 mph for around 50 miles.

Apart from the variants mentioned above, we also stock winter and all-season tyres from several brands in all price segments – premium, mid-range tyre.

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