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How to decode a tyre size?

The tyre size is an alphanumeric code etched on a unit’s sidewall. It represents the details like section width, height, speed index etc.

For convenience, let us take an example of a tyre size for a better understanding.

Tyre size example: 195/55 R16 87H

Dissecting each code will help you understand the tyre construction, size and type.

Cross-section width

The first three numbers, 195, represent a tyre’s cross-section width in millimetres.

Aspect ratio

Also referred to as profile, this is a tyre’s sidewall ratio to its section width. In this case, 55 refer to the aspect ratio.

Note: The higher the aspect ratio, the taller the sidewall will be. Heavy-duty vehicles have a higher aspect ratio and allow comfortable driving on bumpy terrain. At the same time, tyres with a lower aspect ratio are suitable for high-performance cars for improved and precise cornering capability.

Type of construction

The letter “R” signifies the construction type is radial. Radial tyres are meant to provide better grip and enhance driving comfort.


The number to the right of the construction type is the rim diameter in inches. In this case, it is a 16-inch wheel.

Load Index

The last number refers to a unit’s load index. That is, the maximum load (in kg or pounds) a tyre can carry. In this case, 87 is the load index. That means this tyre can hold a maximum weight of 545 kg.

Speed Index

The last character in the above example, H, represents the speed capacity (in kmph or mph) at which the tyres can operate safely. This tyre has a speed index of 130 mph or 210 kmph.

Apart from the sidewall, you can also find the tyre size from your car’s manual.

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