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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?

Tyres have always been a major cause of accidents in the UK. Apart from insufficient tyre treads, the wrong tyre pressure also plays a role when it comes to these incidents.

Therefore, experts, including ourselves strongly recommend regular tyre pressure checks. If you are looking for a free routine tyre pressure check Reading, consider visiting Reading Tyres!

You don’t need an appointment for it. You can come to us at any time during our business hours.

Some major effects of under-inflated or over-inflated tyres are listed for your reference

Fuel efficiency

As the tyres make the car make pull more, it starts consuming more fuel.


Any vehicle with insufficient tyre pressure is at risk of losing stability and control when cornering or driving at high speeds. There is also a chance of damaging your car’s wheel rims, costing you a lot of hassle - and money.


Driving with incorrect tyre pressure results in premature wear of your car’s tyres. This means, they will need changing more frequently.

Besides, incorrect tyre pressure prevents optimal heat dispersion and increases the chances of a blowout when driving for extended periods.

Causes of tyre pressure loss

Listed below are some of the common causes of tyre pressure loss:

  • Improper tyre size
  • Faulty mounting
  • Rough driving conditions
  • Valve leaks
  • Low-quality repairs
  • Tyre age

When should you opt for a tyre pressure check?

It is recommended to opt for a tyre pressure check Reading every two to four weeks.

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Our technicians will first check your car’s tyre placard (you cand find it inside one of the door frames, in the fuel hatch, or the glove box). We will then inflate or deflate your car’s tyres according to the manufacturer's recommendation.

Therefore, if you are searching for a “tyre pressure checks near me”, please visit us. We are located at Unit 1, 81 Russell Street, Reading, RG1 7XG.

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