Are you looking for Tyre Fitting for your vehicle?

Tyres are the most significant part of a car and need extra care and maintenance for a high level of safety on the road. Therefore, you must ensure to buy the right tyres and get them fitted properly, so you do not lose control over the car and get involved in dangerous situations. Reading Tyres is a well-known garage to provide excellent tyre fitting Reading.

Risks of Incorrectly fitted Tyres

Improperly fitted tyres may result in an uncomfortable or even dangerous driving experience.

Some common problems with improperly fitted tyres are:

  • Incorrectly fitted tyres may get loose and get detached from the wheel at high speeds. 
  • The life of improperly fitted tyres gets reduced, and it leads to uneven and premature wearing of tyres.
  • Incorrect tyre fitting results in increased rolling resistance. Hence, the fuel economy decreases.
  • The frequent need for wheel balancing and wheel alignment may arise.
  • Car’s braking performance gets affected due to incorrectly fitted tyres.
  • Car loses its cornering capability and steering control.

How is tyre fitting done?

The following steps will make you understand a simple tyre fitting process:

  • Firstly, the wheels with old tyres are removed from the car and placed on the mounting machine. 
  • The mounting machine holds the wheels and places it in the right position.
  • The old tyres and balancing weight are removed from the wheel.
  • Afterwards, the new tyres are fitted upon the wheel.
  • Once, the tyres are freshly balanced, they are fitted, and the right amount of air is filled into them.

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If you are facing any issues with the tyre fittings of your car, you must visit Reading Tyres to get it resolved. Our experts have years of experience in correctly fitting the tyres on any kinds of wheels.

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