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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?

Once your car has made it through the harsh winter weather, it's time to give it a basic maintenance check. With rising temperatures, cars experience a different kind of stress which can even result in an unexpected breakdown.

If you want your car to drive smoothly and prevent expensive repair bills, you may first consider getting a basic maintenance check. Reading Tyres offers a comprehensive car summer check Reading where our experts examine all essential components to make sure they are functioning correctly.

Our summer car maintenance checklist


We will test your car's battery to determine its remaining capacity and tell you if it needs replacing. Our experts will also check if all cable connections are clean, tight and secure.

Air conditioning

Your car's A/C tends to lose its refrigerant over time, leading to a hot and stuffy interior. With our car air-con check and timely car summer check Reading, experience driving comfort on hot summer days.

Tyre check

It’s important to check the air pressure and tread depth of tyres to ensure they grip the road efficiently. We will adjust the tyre pressure to the correct levels and inspect the tyres for any cuts, bulges or other imperfections.

Oil level

The car’s engine needs to have the right level of oil for its smooth operation. Our experts will check the oil level and top it up as required.

Coolant level

The coolant keeps your car’s engine from overheating and lubricates the water pump. Hence, our summer check Reading involves inspecting and changing the coolant as required with high-quality antifreeze.

Other checks we perform

Some of the additional summer maintenance checks include:

  • Inspecting the brakes
  • Topping up the screen wash
  • Checking the state of the windshield wipers
  • Removing winter grit

We also provide repair- and replacement services for all the above problems.

Thus, you can end your search for the “best car repairing garage near me” with Reading Tyres.

Drop by our workshop at Unit 1, 81 Russell Street, Reading, RG1 7XG for any car-related problems.

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