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Are you looking for Brakes Repair Service for your vehicle?

Have you noticed a significant drop in your vehicle's braking performance lately?

It is crucial to address the issue at an early stage to avoid fatal consequences.

Reading Tyres is a trusted automotive service station that offers affordable and effective brake repair Reading services.

Our technicians are adept at identifying any worn or defective components in your vehicle's braking system. After the issue is diagnosed, we take the necessary course of action to rectify it.

At our workshop, we assure you that your automobile is in good hands. So, why scour the internet with “brake repair garages near me” searches?

Instead, visit us at Unit 1, 81 Russell Street, Reading, RG1 7XG, for prompt solutions.

When should you visit us?

A car's braking system consists of numerous components that come with a limited life span. Therefore, they often undergo damages and can threaten your vehicle's control and driving safety.

However, we suggest you opt for our brake pad replacement Reading services as soon as you notice the following signs in your vehicle:

An illuminated ABS light

The ABS light turns on as you start your car. But if it remains illuminated, take it as a symptom of faulty brakes.

The vehicle swerves from side to side

A car in need of brake replacement service typically encounters issues in its brake callipers, unevenly worn-out brake pads, or defects within the brake cylinder. As a result, it tends to pull from one side to another after applying the brakes. Such a sign calls for immediate attention.

Unusual metallic grinding or squealing noise

Some brake pads are explicitly engineered with a mechanism that emits grinding or squealing sound if they wear out beyond a limit. These sounds, therefore, act as a warning sign. If you hear such noises, reach us at the earliest.

Increased braking distance

After applying the brakes, all automobiles travel a short distance before coming to a complete halt. Your car requires brake repair Reading services, if it exhibits an increased braking distance.

Furthermore, you must know that broken components in a car's braking system cannot be repaired. In that case, we offer accurate brake pad replacement Reading services.

To ensure maximum driving safety, we only use OE-grade spares for replacements.

To know more about our brake repairing and replacement services Reading, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01183751591 or come to see us at our garage.

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